2011 Melbourne cup

I had never been to THE Melbourne Cup in Flemington Racecource. Watching it on TV… it always seemed so glamorous. So when my friends told me they were planning a trip down to Melbourne, I was easily convinced. Kostas, on the other hand, was happy to just watch it on TV.

Of course, crazy me, packed sandals and Spring dresses…only to be greeted by gloomy, rainy and COLD Melbourne weather. And, yes, crazy me couldn’t resist bringing my dSlr… not the best looking accessory for your dress…but, hey, we have awesome photos to look back on. The not-so-crazy me left all my big lenses at home, and I challenged myself with just using one prime lens for the whole Melbourne trip. My friends were a-ok with me sharing some of our photos on my blog…so here is a little bit of  Trang’s  Life behind the Lens.

IMG_9270IMG_9271IMG_9274IMG_9291IMG_9297IMG_9317IMG_9326IMG_9328IMG_9302melbourne cup 6IMG_9343melbourne cup 7