2011 The year of opportunities

Opportunities. Many doors opened for me this year, and I’ve decided to leap through all of them. And Kostas has been right behind me all the way.

Stylinimages was born this year in May, coincidently on my birthday! It was never suppose to happen. Turning photography into a business. But Kostas came home one day and said: We’re the official photographers for the 2011 KWT MAXXIS Sunshine Series Downhill events! And just like that, overnight… we developed a website and registered our business. Our name  “Stylinimages”  arising from a phrase that the bike riders would say whenever I took photos of them ” Stylin’it for the Mrs”.  With every photography job we took on, it opened up more doors for us and our business was growing. But unlike many other photographers, I never have and don’t think I will ever transition from my “day job” to full time photography. I love being a dietitian. And while the photography business was growing…another door opened…on the side of dietetics. An unexpected opportunity for a promotion came up and I decided to apply and was successful. A year of opportunities!

I first met Kostas in 1999. We worked together at a local gaming arcade to support ourselves during our university years. We had so much fun and at the time it was the best job in the world….we were young and so in love! And now we are working part-time together again, photographing events and weddings together…..it’s the BEST!!! And hoping not to sound too corny… but still in love more than ever. This opportunity to work together again…was one that I embraced openly.

2011 has now come to an end, and looking back, I am so thankful for all the opportunities and new beginnings. I am thankful for all that have supported me.

Thank you to all the families and couples and small businesses that we photographed…that opened the doors for us. Thank you. 2011 has been an amazing journey.

With that, I’ll leave you with some sunrise photos I took earlier this year which were on our old blog.