5 Week Old Little Miss E

I just have to share these photos of the gorgeous family I had the privilege of taking on the weekend. Mother Betty was so gracefully beautiful, she looked like she had stepped out of a magazine… are you sure you just had a baby? And the little bub…I can honestly say she was like a doll… so pretty and placid, she hardly cried. And Dad?…. Well, when I mentioned how adorable daddy and baby looked together, Betty said: didn’t I tell you that he isn’t the father?!  I just froze.

Betty just laughed and said she was joking… as little miss was the spitting image of her dad. If you had taken a photo of me at that moment though, I’m sure my horrified face would have gone viral on the internet.

I love the Dad and daughter photos the most…. I think there is something special between the two… she is definitely going to be “daddy’s little girl”!

family photo3family photo4family photo2Betty Pham-3108 copyfamily photo14Betty Pham-30522Betty Pham-296035Betty Pham-2963bw-2Betty Pham-2970Betty Pham-2899Betty Pham-3009bwBetty Pham-3013