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Hi! We are Trang and Kostas… best of friends, CRAZY-IN-LOVE couple, life adventurers doing what we love… capturing raw emotions, telling stories and styling images into personal pieces of artwork. We love photographing in big open space, with beautiful natural backdrops of happy people, hearts full of love.

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Our Story

We met straight out of high school, working at a gaming arcade – you know the ones with pinball machines, claw prize machines and computer games! We also happened to be going to the same university at the time. Became the best of friends, fell madly in love and ever since have been embracing life’s adventures together.

We both started taking a photography course together as a fun activity to do together… started documenting our holidays, bringing our camera to friend’s events…taking photos of anyone, anything that made us happy… shared it … people loved it… asked us to take photos for them… and the rest is history!

About Trang

Loves travelling (greedy traveller!), food (loves cooking and social eating, the way to her heart is food), all things romantic (in love with love). Loves being inspired by other entrepreneurs, artists and dreamers. Gets excited… like really EXCITED especially when photographing and nailing that perfect shot.

About Kostas

Loves mountain bike riding and down hilling (on weekends you’ll find him out jumping hills when he isn’t at weddings), food (especially Trang’s cooking!), good company with lots of jokes and laughter, craft beers and good wine. Can make any bad situation turn into a great dinner story! Is super easy going and relaxed, loves capturing candid moments the most.

How We Operate

We both work in our university trained jobs during the week and generally only take photography work Friday to Sundays and only take a limited number of weddings a year. This is one of the reasons why we remain so passionate about every single photography assignment we take on.

Trang is the voice on our website, she is also the one you’ll find answering your emails and is the main photographer for engagement and family portraits. Kostas works behind the scenes, taking care of all the business type of stuff and is Trang’s second shooter for weddings.

We believe in capturing a wedding day through different perspectives to tell the full story of the day. That is why our wedding packages include 2 photographers. You’ll find Kostas hanging out with the groom and documenting the events leading up to the ceremony, while Trang is with the bride capturing all the excitement on her side. During the ceremony Kostas would ensure he is capturing the Groom’s reaction while the bride walks down the isle and the perspective of what the bride sees as she walks down the isle, while Trang will capture the Groom’s and the guests perspective. This is how we work as a team throughout the entire day so we can bring to you not only photos to help you relive the moments on the day from your perspective but also images of the day unfolding from your family and guests perspective.

So that’s briefly the story about us and what we do. If you want to know more about us – see some of our personal adventures here: Behind The Lens – Our Adventures, or follow us on our personal instagram account @trangkostas. If you feel our work connects to you in someway and that we are the type of people you’d want on your wedding day… please drop us a line, we’d love to hear your story and about what you have planned for your special day.