Adessky Family Photo shoot- Kingscliffe

I am so excited to share this beautiful family photo shoot! I worked with Lorraine about 5 years ago, I then moved to the UK to work for a little while, and when I came back, Lorraine got married and moved to Sydney. She since had 2 beautiful boys with her husband Jason. I never got to meet the 2 boys. So of course I was over the moon when Lorraine asked me to take photos of her family.
An opportunity arose where we were going to be at the same place at the same time…but time was limited, so the weather had to be just right as there would be no rescheduling the photo session as they would be flying back to Sydney at midday.
The weather… well it was GORGEOUS. The 2 boys….well they are just so deliciously SCRUMPTIOUS!!

Adessky family (3 of 3)Adessky family (1 of 10)Lorraine and EthanAdessky family (6 of 10)Adessky family (5 of 10)

swinghugsBenny throwing sandBenny

Teri and son (22 of 39)Lorraine and Jason

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