Gold Coast HinterlandAngie & Lachlan

Angie and Lok met at a tournament in Denver, Colorado when Lok was playing Aussie Rules Football for the Denver Bulldogs. Some teasing and laughter over a few beers together set the seeds to what would grow into a beautiful relationship.

Families from both sides travelled to Queensland to celebrate along with Angie and Lok… a perfect day of love. Their wedding took place at a beautiful house in the Gold Coast hinterland that overlooked stunning views of the Hinze Dam. Angie along with the help of friends and family added so many personal touches in the decorations. I was in awe of all the unique decorations on each vase! And to the surprise of all the guests, Angie and Lachlan performed a stellar dance routine as they entered into the reception.

The day was just filled with so much joy… Kostas and I enjoyed laughing with such fantastic group of people.

Loved. Every. Moment.

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Hair & Make-up: Remi and Rita from RemiStyle Make-up

Dress: Watters Wtoo Dress – Bristol; purchased from Bella Donna Bridal

Flowers: Flowers by Corrina

Cake: Cheesecake Shop Wynnum -Tony & Kristy

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