Kenilworth HomesteadSarah & Casey

If you haven’t been to Kenilworth… well… it’s really a gorgeous serene place. Sarah and Casey chose Kenilworth Homestead with its picturesque scenery and intimate barn to hold their wedding celebrations. The day couldn’t be more beautiful with perfect temperature and Sunshine. We had no idea… but Sarah and Casey and the guests really know how to celebrate… There was not too much formalities at the reception… it was straight onto the dance floor after dinner and short speeches. And man-o-man… the music was so so SO GOOD. Kostas is never one to want to dance… but even he was tapping his feet and his body was itching to dance. And we had fun capturing some epic dance moves.
Thank you Sarah and Casey for being such an easy going, fun and smiley couple. We are forever grateful to have been part of such a celebration. You guys rock!

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