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We were so excited to be invited by Vanessa and Bao to fly down to Bowral in the Southern Highlands of NSW to document their wedding. We had never been to Bowral… but we soon understood why this was where they picked to celebrate their nuptials. Surrounded by beautiful country gardens and boutique vineyards… you immediately feel relaxed. Relaxed… just like they are an easy going couple.

The girls were getting ready at the stunningly restored   Coach House –  at The Rift. It was a relaxing morning where the girls started out with some delicious high tea – style breakfast and then were made beautiful by the lovely hair and make-up artist, Sally from Sally Studio.  We were also fortunate to work alongside the talented Rishi and his videography team from The Rolling Canvas.

Just before Vanessa got changed into her traditional Vietnamese Wedding Ao Dai, she was delivered a handwritten card from Bao. I love those exciting moments… reading loving words from your husband-to-be just before seeing him.

Vanessa + Bao01Vanessa + Bao38Vanessa + Bao07Vanessa + Bao34Vanessa + Bao35Vanessa + Bao71Vanessa + Bao6634

A few minutes drive down the road, the boys were getting ready at the sleek Gilbraltar Hotel Bowral.

67Vanessa + Bao102Vanessa + Bao105Vanessa + Bao108

Vanessa and Bao chose to incorporate parts of their Vietnamese culture into the wedding day and so the Grooms family arrived to the house with gifts to the Bride’s family. Both families waited at the back porch while Vanessa’s mother walked Vanessa out to meet Bao and his family. There was so much excitement when she came out and the families couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. The Tea Ceremony followed this… and I loved the touching advice both parents gave Vanessa and Bao… and telling them how proud they were of their children… it was so hard not to have dry eyes.

8Vanessa + Bao123Vanessa + Bao128910Vanessa + Bao146MI6A3259Vanessa + Bao159Vanessa + Bao201

After the tea ceremony and feast… everyone left while Vanessa and the Bridesmaids stayed to get changed into their dresses for the Church ceremony. I absolutely loved the room Vanessa was getting ready in… it was so rustic, feminine all rolled in one. It suited the beautiful wedding dress she wore…. and the light that streamed through was just so dreamy!

2Vanessa + Bao206Vanessa + Bao207Vanessa + Bao211Vanessa + Bao209Vanessa + Bao215112Vanessa + Bao236Vanessa + Bao238

Meanwhile the boys stopped by the reception venue to hammer in some last minute touches. And to calm any nerve’s that Bao may have before the Church ceremony, Vanessa sent him a fun card to put a smile on his face.


The wedding ceremony took place at St Francis Xavier Church Berrima. It was important to them that their own priest from their Church in Sydney was the one that wedded them.

Vanessa + Bao260Vanessa + Bao25815Vanessa + Bao277Vanessa + Bao278

Bao’s face was so full of happiness when he watch Vanessa walk down the isle… he held it together pretty well, until she finally reached him and they had their backs towards everyone… he got really emotional.

Vanessa + Bao283Vanessa + Bao287

I was so intrigued watching these two… they were REALLY in LOVE. Throughout the whole day, whenever they were together, I would always catch them putting their heads together.

Vanessa + Bao293Vanessa + Bao297Vanessa + Bao295Vanessa + Bao313Vanessa + Bao290Vanessa + Bao307Vanessa + Bao318Vanessa + Bao327Vanessa + Bao328Vanessa + Bao332vanessaVanessa + Bao452Vanessa + Bao4551718Vanessa + Bao409Vanessa + Bao490Vanessa + Bao491Vanessa + Bao483Vanessa + Bao485

The reception took place at Centennial Vineyards. There is always something so romantic about vineyards. Centennial Vineyards had that modern rustic charm about it. Vanessa and Bao chose to decorate the venue simply with flowers that they had bought from the markets and assembled with the help of their friends and family the day before.

Vanessa + Bao493Vanessa + Bao495Vanessa + Bao503Vanessa + Bao50020Vanessa + Bao52921Vanessa + Bao537Vanessa + Bao53323Vanessa + Bao520Vanessa + Bao5612524Vanessa + Bao570Vanessa + Bao573

The wedding reception started out with some canapes and drinks outdoors with live music playing in the background. The vibe was relaxed and fun and it continued on inside the venue. The food served was exceptional and live music by Marley’s Basement kept everyone entertained.Vanessa + Bao609Vanessa + Bao577Vanessa + Bao5812628293027Vanessa + Bao645Vanessa + Bao650Vanessa + Bao702Vanessa + Bao737Vanessa + Bao74631Vanessa + Bao751Vanessa + Bao755Vanessa + Bao760Vanessa + Bao762Vanessa + Bao775Vanessa + Bao765Vanessa + Bao784Vanessa + Bao710Vanessa + Bao708Vanessa + Bao735Vanessa + Bao729Vanessa + Bao8113334Vanessa + Bao797Vanessa + Bao83735Vanessa + Bao857

Vanessa and Bao… we are so humbled that you chose us to document your wedding… such a memorable day. Thank you. xxx Much love, Trang and Kostas.


Music credit: Unleft by Message to Bears ( iTunes)

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