Duong Family: The Whole Clan

This is the biggest family photoshoot I have done to date! The family was made up of little families. Two of the families were visiting from Darwin for the Christmas holidays. As my sister ( who was assisting me that day) and I were waiting, we couldn’t help but notice the large Duong family walking over to us.  All dressed in white and beige. Everyone at the beach also turned their heads as this fabulous family walked down towards us! What an impact!

The brothers and sisters who make up the original Duong Family:
Duong Family-087
Duong Family-491Duong Family-493Duong Family-486 copyDuong Family-496 copyDuong Family-498Duong Family-500Duong Family-520bwDuong Family-508Duong Family-516Duong Family-506

And here is the Duong Family…the whole clan:
Duong Family-270Duong Family-306bwmontage1-1montage1-2montage1-3
Duong Family-453a
Duong Family-466Duong Family2-112Duong Family2-143Duong Family2-163Duong Family2-206 copyDuong Family2-239 copyDuong Family2-254Duong Family2-255Duong Family2-256
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