Engagement Shoot// Kwa + Loan

I love engagement shoots! I love getting to know my couples. Kwa and Loan picked me up for our little road trip out into the country. Loan greeted me with delicious cup cakes. I LOVE desserts.. I have the biggest sweet tooth for someone who is a dietitian. Loan looked gorgeous!! I got really excited when she told me my long time friend Vivianne Tran was her chosen hair and make-up artist.
The road trip was such a fun one getting to know the couple… I loved hearing how Kwa proposed in Dubai…how they have been sweethearts for over a decade! I loved watching how they interacted with each other… how Kwa could make Loan giggle…. you would think they had only just started dating!

It was such a fun day… too many beautiful photos…was hard to pick which ones to go on the blog.. but these ones are some of my favourites that I thought showed off their love amongst the beautiful backdrop.
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