Engagement Shoot// Trang + Sanh

I have known Trang for a few years now, and when she first introduced Sanh, we all knew he was the one for her. They were similar in so many ways… same crazy work schedules, a strong family orientation, same interests….and they were both as generous and loving as each other. They slotted into each others lives so seamlessly that it is hard to remember what it was pre Trang & Sanh. I was over the moon (but not surprised) when I heard of their engagement!

As Kostas and I were driving home from one of his mountain bike events…I was drawn to some beautiful countryside scenery… I remembered Trang and Sanh requesting some countryside engagement photos. This was it! A very kind farmer – who also told me he was a keen photographer, allowed us to take photos on his farm. I was so happy that I was able to deliver on their engagement photo requests.

Make-up by the ever so lovely Chrystalla Andreou.