I give to you….

Instead of the usual engagement photoshoot, Jackie and Tony requested photos that they could use as part of their bonbonniere.
Their wedding theme was black and white, so we created a series of b&w photos. The bridal wear  used for the photoshoot were courtesy of Ben& Paris Wedding Boutique who were also Jackie and Tony’s wedding reception vendor. Their bonbonniere? A CD with a song that Jackie had written for Tony. She wrote these heartfelt lyrics and sang the song to the melody of The Rose by Amanda MacBroom ( made famous by Bette Midler), which was played on the piano by Tony’s cousin. I had goosebumps when the song was played and saw Jackie walking down the isle towards Tony…the memory of this is embedded in me and makes me emotional thinking about it. I was also very proud to see how beautifully the CD photos complimented the stunningly decorated reception. The reception decoration is the work of my wonderful friend Phuong from Ben&Paris Wedding Boutique.  Click here, and turn up the volume to hear this beautiful gift.