Melbourne Wedding// Kanako + John

With the weather in Brisbane being so hot and humid… it was such a relief to be greeted by the cool Melbourne breezes. On arrival we received a text from Kanako, welcoming us to Melbourne and wishing us a wonderful day of exploring the beautiful city. Because that’s just the type of bride she is… caring, thoughtful and super sweet.

I arrived at The Olsen where Kanako, her bridesmaids and her family were getting ready. As I walked into the room I noticed what amazing views of Chapel St and surroundings the room had… but as soon as Kanako smiled to greet me… I was mesmerised by her stunning smile. Seriously… nothing gets me more than a beautiful smile!!!

Meanwhile Kostas was with John and his father and the groomsmen at The Grand Hyatt. John’s father had to travel long distances to be at the wedding and he was representing quite a few members of the family who couldn’t make the distance. So it was even more meaningful to have John’s father by his side through the day.

Kanako and John chose the beautiful grounds of Victoria Gardens to hold their wedding ceremony. This garden was where they shared their first date so it held such special meaning to them.


This was the love seat where it all first started!!


Kanako had emailed me prior to coming to Melbourne, and had mentioned that there was a lovely old jetty in Port Melbourne. With the weather being windy and overcast… the rustic jetty was the perfect place for some photos.

Receptions are always so much fun. But Kanako and John’s reception at The Grand Hyatt was full of entertainment! John had secretly organised with a large portion of the wedding guests for a surprise Mob Dance for Kanako. They had secretly met to rehearse over the weeks leading up to the wedding and Kanako was just overwhelmed with the surprise!!!!
As a surprise to the guests… John and Kanako performed with their band to kick start the night off with lots of dancing.



Kanako and John, thank you to you both, your family and all your friends for all the warmth and smiles you gave us through out the whole day. xxx much love, Trang and Kostas

Blog music credit: Your Song by Ellie Goulding (iTunes)