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“I believe in love at first sight but I will always believe that the people we love we have loved before. Many, many many times before and when we stumble through grace and circumstance and that brilliant illusion of choice to finally meet them again we feel it faster each time through. The one glance that set life alight is two sets of two eyes staring through the layers of lifetimes and stolen glances and first kisses and hands held; the brace against the weight and unrelenting tide of waiting. I believe in love at first sight but am not burdened with the misconception that it’s a first sight at all.” -Tyler Knott Gregson-

When Ebony and Luke first met at a party… it was only for a brief moment. But for that brief moment, they knew… it was love at first sight.

For these two, family and home was very important and this theme was highlighted through out the whole wedding day. They chose to have their wedding ceremony on the farm that Ebony grew up in Wollongbar, NSW. It’s a beautiful farm growing avocados, peaches, lemons… to name a few. The week leading up to the wedding day it had been raining and even the night before it was bucketing with rain. But miraculously it cleared up the morning of the wedding. I was told that Ebony’s Grandfather who had first bought the farm land as a wedding promise when he married her grandmother… was looking down on them…holding up the rain to ensure a beautiful wedding ceremony on his property.


While the boys got ready on the farm, the girls were not far away…in Lennox Head. wedding02wedding071wedding40

Luke’s Mother had passed away a few years ago…Ebony wore her wedding ring to keep her close to them throughout the day.wedding322wedding49wedding474wedding603wedding68

Ebony’s stunning wedding dress was a creation she had worked with her dress maker Jeanette McCullough and her beautiful headpiece is the creation of Bo and Luca.5wedding77wedding172wedding174wedding183wedding185wedding189wedding192910wedding208wedding234wedding230wedding231wedding245wedding241wedding249wedding247wedding2511213wedding279wedding281wedding286wedding296wedding302wedding312wedding313wedding316wedding314wedding361wedding359wedding366wedding414wedding415wedding422wedding424wedding440wedding587wedding631wedding629171819

The delicious wedding cake was lovingly baked by Luke’s sister.152021wedding679wedding733wedding735wedding736wedding728wedding731wedding750wedding752wedding771wedding773wedding79722wedding790wedding799wedding792wedding802wedding803awedding806wedding819wedding828wedding852wedding86124wedding860wedding871wedding864

The reception was held at 561 Alphadale. A quaint little chapel-turned-restaurant. All the wedding details were lovingly home-made. The paper goods including invitations, menu and seating plan were all made by the groom himself!! How handy to be a graphic designer! The wooden boards were all made from avocado tree trunks from the family farm. My favourite wedding detail were the wishbones for each guests. There was a note which explained that in the cupboard of his family home, Luke’s mother kept a collection of wishbones “to make a wish for the bride and groom”.wedding8942726292830wedding903wedding947wedding929wedding950wedding951wedding948wedding952wedding996wedding1004wedding100531wedding101432wedding1031wedding1041wedding1044wedding105234wedding1191wedding1185wedding1221wedding1226wedding1227wedding1237wedding1242wedding1248wedding1270wedding1336wedding1348wedding1364wedding13703536wedding1455

Ebony and Luke…we really felt all the warmth from all your family and friends despite the cold weather. We were reminded of the importance of family and friends…and what “home” means… and for that, your wedding has a special place in our memories. Thank you for allowing us to be part of something so beautiful. xxx Trang and Kostas


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