Primary School Gang

Today’s blog post is 5 photo sessions that I did in the last couple of months. The reason why I combined them in this post was that they all have something in common. Apart from the obvious fact that all but one of the photo sessions were taken at my studio… I went to primary school with one of each of the baby’s parents. PRIMARY SCHOOL!!!! Yes, I remember when we used to play cops and robbers at lunch time, and handball! And here my playground friends are now with their own little ones.

First up is hilariously smiley Natalie. I LOVE her laughter and when she laughs… you almost can’t see her eyes.. so cute!!  I went to school with her Dad… I think she looks so much like him!
23129Family photos 2012_74Family photos 2012_

Meet Charlotte…she was so gentle and sweet natured in the photo shoot. I loved the connection her and her Dad had. I also went to primary school with her Dad, how cool is that!

And then there is Chloe! She is so cheeky and so cute!! The camera loved her and so did I. 68Family photos 2012_24Family photos 2012_67Family photos 2012_17Family photos 2012_128Family photos 2012_585Family photos 2012_

Tiny little Kara makes my heart melt… Her mother was one of my very first friends when I started primary school and we are still good friends till this day xxx

And lastly… the only boy… little Ethan. He was a perfect angel and I could have photographed him all day long.
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