We have been a little quiet on the blog front lately. Being the quiet season we have been taking full advantage on a couple of holidays: a relaxing, do-nothing holiday to Tahiti and an action packed snowboarding trip to New Zealand. And in between all this we have been slowly renovating a little space… our studio to be revealed soon!

Although our trip to Queenstown, New Zealand was not our first… I was still in awe of it’s beauty. The words ” Amazing!” and ” WOW!” were used way too many times by me, but I couldn’t help it. Walking along the jetty, Kostas said: I’d love to move here and work here for the ski season. I thought about how I would feel about moving to Queenstown and what job I would do here…surely no one coming to Queenstown would want to see a Dietitian! But then I got a little excited… Oh- my- god! How amazing would it be to do portrait shoots and wedding photography with backdrops like these!!! AAaaaaamaaaazing!!! And just like that, I made a very reluctant Kostas be in our own photo-shoot… taken by… us.

oh.. and no… we are not moving to Queenstown, well not right now anyway!
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