Sunshine, Rainbows and Family

I should really be sleeping right now… but the rain outside is keeping me awake. I am thinking of all the photoshoots I have booked for this weekend and am hoping for some sunshine..but the forecasts are saying that there is more rain to come. It makes me think back to Danielle’s family photo shoot. When Danielle initially contacted me, I was already booked out for the rest of the year… but she patiently waited for the following year as she had specific visions for her family photos which she felt I could deliver. However closer to the date of the photoshoot, Danielle contacted me explaining that her eldest son had fallen and broken his tooth along with a bad haircut. So we rescheduled for the following month. Leading up to the second rescheduled shoot… it was raining hard! The weather was just shocking… And I knew that Danielle had wanted sunshiny family photos… so we rescheduled the shoot again for the next month. But when I woke up the next day… the sun was shinning beautifully. The skies had miraculously cleared up. Too good to miss out on photos… so just like that the family photo shoot was back on. And I am so glad we did it… I think we achieved what Danielle had envisioned for her family photos… and we were lucky enough to even capture a rainbow. I am so glad Danielle was patient enough to wait for her family photos to be taken by me. These photos make me feel warm and happy. 🙂

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