The Cure: Sunshine and Laughter

I have been housebound the last few days which has been making me very sad. Being unwell, I have not been able to socialise with my friends, and it being the Easter Holidays… totally sucked! Kostas has been an angel cooking me chicken soup and helping me set my working space up so I can occupy myself with lots of photography editing… which I love!

But there is only so much soup and photo editing I can take in… so in efforts to cheer me up when I was feeling a lot better we went out for some afternoon wine and cheese. I put on a bright colourful dress, and already my mood lifted. After a few glasses of wine and LOTS of cheese….Kostas took a few snaps of me. The sunlight was warm, buttery and gorgeous. And all the while he was taking photos of me and making me laugh….all I could think was, he is the sunshine and laughter in my life!