Trang and Kostas Jump Out of a Plane

For my 30th Birthday, Kostas bought me a voucher to skydive ( Jump Beach Brisbane). It’s always been on my bucket list, but I guess unless someone  bought me a voucher, I don’t think I would have ever registered to do it myself!

I guess there’s always been that curiosity of what it would feel like stepping out of a plane at 14,000 ft and jumping…free falling. I had heard it was “life affirming”.

Not sure if it was that we were just too busy with work… or I was quietly very very scared… but we didn’t jump til a year later.

Kostas had never skydived either… so he said he would jump with me. And being the dramatic romantic that I am… I imagined us holding hands and stepping to the edge of the plane together and having our last kiss goodbye with some sort of Titanic soundtrack in the background! Ha ha! Not quite so… we had the most awesome time with huge smiles on our faces…and another wonderful memory/ experience we did together.. and survived.

Here’s our video! ( you can tell I was very nervous in the beginning of the video)