Vietnamese Wedding// Quang + Jenny// Forest Lake// Sunnybank Landmark Restaurant

Did you know that the pre-requisite to photograph a Vietnamese Wedding, you need to be a NINJA?! Well lucky Kostas and I are well trained in this. Super stamina powers to be able to shoot from dawn to midnight. Flexibility skills to move around in a small crowded room during the tea ceremony. Able to withstand harsh midday Sun… I can do this without sweating… Kostas on the other hand has not yet achieved this skill level. And swift moves to capture photos of 250-300 guests at the reception.
We took on Quang and Jenny’s Vietnamese Wedding challenge… only to find we had the most SUPER FUN time!! Starting from when the boys were getting ready, they were already cracking jokes and were fantastic at rocking out in their traditional Vietnamese outfits. Then when Jenny walked down the stairs led by her mum to greet Quang and all the family in her Vietnamese outfit… I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear! Big shout out to our friend Tham Duong from Picturesque Beauty for her lovely make-up work. How about the amazing spread of sweets table that Quang’s sister in law prepared for the ceremony! YUM! On top of that was the 12 ( or is it 20!) food courses at the reception. We are still recovering from sore throats after singing  at the top of our lungs alongside the ever so talented pro singers Mike and Amy. And this was one party where the dancing went NUTS!! We used all our ninja skills to ensure we were able to capture the spirit of the day. Hope we did it justice.
Quang and Jenny… love you guys and your ENTOURAGE!


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