Vintage Morning Tea

On my day off work, I had scheduled to spend some time with my dear friends I work with at the Hospital who were all currently on maternity leave. I was picked up in the morning and went to the pool to watch my friend’s babies have their swimming lessons and took some ultra cute photos of them! After the swimming lesson, my friends were smiley and excited and asked if I was ready for my Birthday surprise… my birthday was a couple of weeks ago and they had already totally surprised me by turning up at work on the day with “happy Birthday” cupcakes…so I was so touched that they had organised more surprises.
The surprise was the sweetest Birthday surprise. Literally SWEET!
They had planned for weeks a morning tea menu as they knew I LOVE food. They prepared the most delicious food…passion fruit melting moments, salted fudge, macaroons, scones with cream and jam, carrot cake cupcakes, scrumptious sandwiches…. just to name a few. They had set the morning tea up in a beautiful eclectic, vintage theme….So much detail and love put into this morning tea…It all just took my breath away. There were only 4 of us….and there was enough food to feed a party of 30 people!
The surprise didn’t end there… while we were scoffing down all these deliciousness, there was a knock on the door. They had organised for a mobile massage therapist to come. We all had a day of pampering, eating and drinking.
It was the best weekday surprise!!! Thank you my lovely ladies….and babies. This is how life should be…spent with good company, laughter, full belly… and not a stress in the world.

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