Wedding Albums

I love LOVE LOVE these books… they make each and every photo a piece of art work. The pages are the perfect thickness… not too thick that it’s clumsy to turn the pages… just thick enough to make it a pleasure to turn the pages. What is so awesome about these books as oppose to your traditional albums are that they allow you to tell a whole story of the day. A few single prints or canvases hung up on the wall remind you what you looked like on the day…but with an album, every page brings back to life the spirit of your day!

How many times do you hear people say they buy albums and just keep it safely tucked away in a drawer somewhere. Well, that’s another point I want to make about these books… they are a great size – the one shown here is a 10×10, they are light enough to carry around to show people, as well as perfect size to leave on the coffee table. The cover is made out of crystal laminate which is super sturdy and does not attract finger prints.


Here is a photos of a 12×12 album and a 10×0 parent album.
Just showing off the beautiful thick pages..
Photos can go all the way to the edge or framed within the page…