Tasmania: Freycinet

We had a really busy wedding season end of last year and on top of that we were still working in our day jobs during the week. So when Australia Day long weekend came around… I was so excited about our little Tasmania get away.

We had planned to do the touristy thing and go to the Salamanca Markets when we flew into Hobart… however our GPS didn’t take us there. It wasn’t til an hour later that we realised we were driving towards the wrong direction. But, fortunately enough the misdirection took us on a memorable food journey.

We first started to drive pass all these vineyards, we thought surely we had time to stop at one. We stopped at Frogmore Creek Winery. We love wine… and there is always something special about drinking wine at a vineyard. They had some very Gourmet looking bread there, and Kostas was adamant that we had to buy some. I asked him what we were going to eat it with? And he said it just looks that good that it probably can be eaten on it’s own. So we bought some.

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We hopped back in the car and GPS said we still had to keep driving in this direction… We soon came to a sign saying that there was a cheese factory and cheese tasting coming up. Kostas looked at me and said, guess what we’re having on our gourmet bread?! So we stopped at Wicked Cheese Co.After some cheese tastings we bought some brie and a terrine and Kostas made us a massive lunch on the bonnet of the car. After the first bite… he said he had a big statement to make: that was the best bread ever!

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We asked for directions to Salamanca Markets… but was told it was about 20 mins away… which made us realise we were on the wrong track as it was only 15 mins away when we last asked at the Vineyard.
So we decided to ditch using the GPS and instead use our phones to direct us, and by this time we decided we would give the markets a miss and head straight to Frecyinet where our accommodation was. We passed beautiful scenery and stopped a few times for me to take some photos for our travel album. We then came across a Cherry Orchard. We stopped by and had a wander around and bought 1kg bag of cherries to eat in the car. Well… Kostas after having quite a few cherries… he turns to me and says: ok, I have to make another statement… but those were THE BEST cherries I have ever eaten.

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We finally arrived to Freycinet National Park… our cabin was perched within the national Park. 2 kookaburras were waiting to greet us!


We really enjoy walking around the beach and had a few drinks watching the sunset and ordered a massive seafood platter for dinner… as we heard seafood produce was amazing in this region. And I was really expecting Kostas to say that these were the best seafood… but he merely said, wow these are really fresh oysters.


We don’t usually do trekking type of holidays… but thought we’d do something different and deciding to do the walks to Wine glass bay look out, Wine glass bay beach and also the walk to the light house. I must say I didn’t realize how unfit I was… it was a pretty hot, sweaty, lots of puffing type of walk. But the views were worth it.
Our highlight was finally making it to wine glass bay beach and relaxing by the beautiful clear blue waters and having the rest of our cherries and taking in the view. A wallaby came up to Kostas and wanted his cherries… he really wanted to share the cherries cos the wallaby was so cute, but as we were told not to feed wild life he really had to restrain himself.

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After the tiring day of trekking we decided that for the rest of the trip we would just do what we love doing the best… eating and drinking and collecting photos for our travel album.
We visited a few wineries… my favourite was Devil’s corner and Milton Winery. Devil’s Corner had vines, mountains, water and hay bails… what more could you want in a view while sipping wine.

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Milton Winery was also lovely…we stopped for a cheese platter.

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We also stopped by Josef Chromy Winery for a bit of wine and oysters.


We also thought Friendly Beaches.. was beautiful and without the big trek that you have to do to get to Wineglass Bay beach.


Honeymoon Bay was also a very nice spot.


We also got to see cute little Penguins do their nightly walk up the beach in Bicheno. We weren’t allowed to take photos on our own cameras, but the tour guide emailed us a few pics. They were so cute and came right up to our feet.


We had dinner at Edge of the Bay restaurant on our last night which had beautiful views of the Hazards…and we managed to catch the sunset which was a nice treat.


We loved Tasmania… hopefully we will be back again soon!


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