Wedding//Dana + James// Burleigh Heads

The weeks leading up to the 30th of June 2012, it rained continuously for weeks. And when I spoke to Dana on the phone the week before, I knew we were both praying for perfect weather. But as James jokingly said in his speech that night to Dana: You asked me for perfect weather conditions on our wedding day… and I delivered!
Yes indeed, it was a PERFECT  QLD winter’s day. Warm, Sunny…and just the right amount of breeze.
The day started at the Burleigh Mediterranean Resort where Dana and James were getting ready at different ends of the resort. Standing at the rooftop, with the white walls against the blue ocean backdrop…For a minute I thought I really was in Santorini.
Dana and her bridesmaids were beautifully glammed up by her cousin Dee – Deez hair and make up. Dana’s bridesmaids all wore red dresses which were unique to each girl and while Dana was getting ready, she received touching Skype from one of her dear friends in Canada who wasn’t able to make the wedding. Despite being in another continent, and different timezone, she also donned a gorgeous red dress to show her support.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the resort, James and the boys were relaxing with some drinks. Kostas witnessed some very entertaining knife skills as the boys stabbed through the sealed button holes of their fresh new suits.

On arriving to the ceremony, we were blown away by the amazing job the girls at Beautiful Beach Weddings had done to create a romantic beach wedding setting. The clear tiffany chairs glistened in the afternoon sun and the white carpet led to the Huppha which was blowing gently in the breeze. There were various Jewish traditions weaved into the ceremony, and we saw James break the glass with his foot after the exchange of rings… and a huge shout of “Mazel Tov” was heard from the guests.

The reception was held at Pointbreak Restaurant which over looked stunning views of the beach and was just magical as the sun set and the sky turned into the most beautiful pink and purple colours. The team at Pointbreak Restaurant delivered some delicious canapés followed by a variety of entrees and mains. I was very excited to see Dana and James’ wedding cake… deliciously created by Cakes Alousia.

I absolutely loved the speeches…hilariously funny, but also deeply touching and it wrapped up everything I could already witness spending a day with this beautiful couple.

As a personal touch, the first dance was sung ever so sweetly by Jade, one of Dana’s Bridesmaides. The slow waltz soon turned into the Hora dance, and it was fantastic to see everyone crowded on the dance floor in a massive circle… or should I say circle”s”. But the excitement didn’t end there, as Dana had organised a surprise entertainment…Sheherezade from Belly Dance Gold Coast filled the dance floor with vibrant colours. And to the Groom’s surprise, Dana performed an amazing belly dance routine herself!

The night continued with more dancing with much thanks to the fantastic Socilites Band.

Dana, I love your fun energy, your laughter and your caring nature…always so thoughtful and asking how Kostas and I were through the day….you are the type of person anyone wants to be best friends with upon meeting. James, I love the way you interact with those around you, so full of affection and I love your carefree and joking attitude. Dana and James, thank you for choosing us to be part of your perfect day.
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