White Dress

A few years ago, I did what many Aussies do… applied for a 2 year working visa and packed my bags for the UK. I wanted to explore Europe, I wanted adventure, challenge myself and open my mind to new experiences. I had this crazy urge to do it…the idea only came to me about 3 months prior to leaving… but the idea was so strong that I knew I had to do it or I would forever feel like I had an itchy spot that wasn’t being scratched!
At the time I had already been with Kostas for about 6 yrs. Because the idea came so suddenly, at first he didn’t believe that I would actually go through with it…but then he was just sad. As much as he wanted to join me on my adventures,he couldn’t leave, but was supportive in my decision for self-growth and development.

I knew I would miss him, but could never have expected just how much I would miss him. I had the most amazing adventures travelling Europe seeing beautiful places and meeting incredible friends whom I am still good friends with today. But it seemed wherever I went, my thoughts were with him. I remember being in Levanto – Italy by myself as I had arrived a couple of days prior to my friends arriving…so I decided to do some hiking treks on my own… the trails were just beautiful and once I got to the top of the mountain, I was rewarded with the most beautiful sea view looking over the town of Levanto. I just wanted Kostas to be there with me. So I reached my phone to text him, only to find that I already had a voice message from him waiting for me. It was the most wonderful message and to listen to it while I was on top of this mountain was truly memorable.

In Cinque Terre, there is a walk way linking 2 different fishing villages called Via dell’Amore ( The lovers lane). The walk was in the cliffside overlooking stunning sea views. There were hundreds of locks chained on the railings that lovers had left behind with their names engraved and the walls were filled with graffiti with names of people who had walked through the Lover’s Lane. So I too, left a little mark for Kostas and I in hopes that one day I might return to this amazing place with him.

Everyone I met in Europe got to know not only me but would always hear stories about back home and in particular about my Kostas. He was my favourite topic to talk about… and I was lucky enough to meet people who still found me interesting enough despite my favourite talk topic, to genuinely want to be my friends. I missed him so much… we tried to chat over the internet whenever we could, when time difference would permit and when I wasn’t travelling like a nomad.

After 7 very long months apart ( really it felt like years), we were finally going to see each other. Greece was where we were going to be reunited. We were meeting at the Piraeus Port which was where we were going to catch a ferry to the Greek Islands.

I stood there… so nervous about seeing him. I felt like I was going out on my first date! I picked out a white summer dress, I even tried to cut my own fringe just before I left for Greece in hopes to look good…but now it was too short and maybe a bit crooked… and I was worried that I had also forgotten how to kiss?!

Standing there at the crowded port… I wondered how he was going to find me. So I called him to give him some clear descriptions as to where I was standing, but before I could tell him, he said not to worry as he was currently walking towards me. He said he could spot me from miles away! He said that the way I stand was just so familiar to his eyes that I stood out from the crowd. But I complained that I couldn’t see him anywhere! He laughed and said he could see me… “you’re wearing a beautiful white dress, I’ll see you soon”.

Words can not describe the intensity of my emotions when I felt his arms around me. My heart was bursting and overflowing… I was so incredibly happy.

Needless to say… I did not stay in the UK for the full 2 yrs.

So here we are celebrating another year of love and togetherness…and  I am in another white dress. Chrystalla Andreou Make-up Artist kindly prettied my face up for this mini photoshoot for our photo album.


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